In this video I'm showing you how to safely trim your cat's nails. This is especially for indoor cats of course. If you do it frequently your cat will get used to it quite easily. It won't take more than a minute to do!

Some tips for trimming your cat's nails:
* Use specially designed equipment, there are different trimmers for cat nails available at the pet store and vet clinics
* Get your cat comfortable in a way that he can't escape
* Make sure he experiences it as something positive
* Press gently on the pad of his paw, so the nails will appear
* Don't trim the nails too short! Make sure you only clip the sharp edge.
* Be aware that there's also the cat's toe
* Make it a habit to do
* Always give your cat a treat afterwards

Why to trim your cat's nails?
Especially for indoor cats it's important that their nails don't grow too long. This can be dangerous: they can get stuck in the carpet for example, which can lead to painful broken claws, or they'll get difficulties with walking. Another reason is to reduce your cat's ability to shred your furniture. Scratchers aren't usually enough to keep their nails short. So it's most effective to just make trimming your cat's nails a habit.

Who are Smoothie & Milkshake?
Smoothie and Milkshake are two British Longhair cats living in The Netherlands, respectively five years and three years old. Since she was called “The Most Photogenic Cat In The World”, Smoothie rose to fame in 2016. She’s the Queen of Fluff, and always camera-ready. She judges, she disapproves & she plots (world domination) on a daily basis.

Smoothie's born on the 1st of April 2014, Milkshake is from the 20th of May 2016. Smoothie weighs 2.6 kg, while Milkshake is double her size (4.5kg). This is very common, because Smoothie's a female and Milkshake's a male.

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